• Dye Factory

    These are raw materials that compose the surface of ceramic products, such as Frits, serigraphic bases, pre-milled, grits, glazes and engobes. Besides marketing these materials, Colorminas offers the development of products, designs and full technical support to its customers, with production in Içara/SC, in Rio Claro/SP and in Nossa Senhora do Socorro/SE.

  • Dyes

    Colorminas dyes are micronized with particles impact technology allowing high dispersion characteristics, easing its dissolution and coloration.

  • Mining

    Colorminas operates in the segments of industrial minerals with emphasis to ceramic tiles raw materials, providing from raw clays to differentiated products as the feldspar with lithium, special and atomized clays for plain monoporosas and porcelain tiles.


    This diversity optimizes each client’s ceramic tile production, conferring high quality to the products attending the international standards of the market.

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