History - Company


Colorminas –Dye Factory and Mining, a SC Holding company, emerged from the union between the companies Frita Sul – Dye Factory (Frita Sul – Colorifícios) and Cominas – Raw Materials Mining (Cominas - Mineradora de Matérias-primas). The merging allowed the supply from raw materials to product designs to the customers, guaranteeing full control over the productive process. The project was consolidated with the incorporation of the dye and pigments production unit.

In December 2004 the company acquired the equity control of the companies Tecnargilas and Terranobre, traditional producers of raw and special clays for the ceramic industry, increasing its mineral reserves for extraction, development of raw materials and diversity of products, thus expanding the technological advantages and technical support to all its customers.

Today, headquartered in Içara/SC, the company operates in several states in the South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast of Brazil. And, besides the domestic market, Colorminas provides its products to companies throughout Latin America.

Rodovia SC 443, Km 01 Presidente Vargas - Içara - SC CEP: 88820-000
SAC 0800 709 1127